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International Baccalaureate


Focus on Student

  • Teaches Time Management Skills, Application Skills, Organizational Skills, Communication Skills, and Problem Solving Skills,

  • Student better prepared for university

  • Theory of Knowledge concentrates on Critical, Logic, and Analytical skills 

  • Personal and Professional Skills concentrate on Critical, Logic, and Analytical skills while focusing on Ethical concerns

  • Extended Essay prepares students for research done at the university level

  • Reflective Project prepares students for research done at the university and corporate level

High Academic Standards

  • The IB curriculum in all disciplines has established--and maintains--the highest international standard of university preparatory education, comparable to the leading national systems such as the British Advanced Level, the French Baccalaureate, and the German Abitur.

The Development of Independent Learners

  • The volume and advanced nature of the course content in all IB subjects means that students must learn to work independently, under the guidance of their teachers, and with the assistance of fellow students.

  • This is a stage of intellectual development that most students do not reach until they are part way through--sometimes most of the way through--their undergraduate degrees.

Development of Well-Rounded Individuals

  • The Creativity/Activity/Service component of the IB Diploma ensures that graduates have had a variety of significant extracurricular experiences.

  • The Language Portfolio and Service Learning component of the IB Career-related ensures that graduates are able to communicate in at least two languages and have had a variety of significant extracurricular service experiences. 

  • Universities assume that they will continue to be involved in a number of out-of-class activities during their undergraduate years.

  • The fact that IB schools form a global network of students all following the same curriculum means that those enrolled in courses also develop a truly international perspective, a very desirable characteristic in an Information Age characterized by vanishing political boundaries.

IB Middle Years Programme
IB Learner Profile